Alice Silvestri



She has been teaching L2 Italian to children, teen and adult immigrants since 2005.  

She has collaborated with the following organizations: Cestim (Center of Immigration Studies, Verona), Tante Tinte in Rete, the Province of Verona (CTP), the Veneto Region (CTP), Energie Sociali, the Agire Cooperative of Legnago (VR), and in a personal capacity, with various schools in Verona and its province.

She has given training sessions on regarding the integration and teaching material for L2 Italian language at conferences for educators in primary and secondary schools. She has organized and coordinated herself, individually and with after-school teams, language and intercultural workshops for students in primary and secondary schools. She has worked as a volunteer with Chinese students in secondary schools, tutoring them in L2 Italian and in scholastic language.

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