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Ludic teaching is the basis of the methodology chosen. This is because in a relaxed, positive, fun and engaging environment the student can see how important he himself is in the process of language acquisition: didactic games, simulations, role plays and activities communications will naturally lead to an optimal command of the Italian language.


During the lessons each student is encouraged to use the Italian language. Linguistic reflection is dealt with in a functional and inductive way depending on the linguistic contents that one intends to develop.


During lessons the teachers use appropriate text books and matherials specially created and developed for the students of every course and bringing about a gradual and continuous improvement.


The choice of authentic material allows the student right from the start to get close to a real language. To encourage the learning of everyday Italian, we offer practical and short cultural courses in which the goal is to use Italian in a natural way, making it the vehicle and not the end of learning.

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