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Educational honors received:

​Giulia Vicenzi

  • Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature, University of Verona

  • Certification CEDILS, Ca 'Foscari, Venice

  • DITALS II level certification, University of Siena


Federica Provoli

  • Degree in Architecture, University of Architecture in Venice (IUAV)

  • Scientific Maturity, Liceo Scientifico Statale G. Fracastoro (Verona)

Giulia Vicenzi 
 Federica Provoli 


The VERONESI ISTANTANEE are active observation paths of the territory aimed at school children and lovers of culture and the Verona area. It is not a guided tour, but a walk, in teams, which aims to bring our guests closer to significant places of the city from a historical, cultural and leisure point of view through a hunt for the end of which the group will have completed a real map of the proposed itinerary.




The Verona of Dante / The Verona of Barbarani / The Verona of Romeo and Juliet Verona along the river: the bridges / Verona along the river: the trades Veronetta: a neighborhood to discover / Roman Verona Verona municipal / Verona of Austria Verona in the Resistance / Verona and the Great War


Dates and Prices For schools:

Date to be agreed; 5 € / student.

For groups of tourists: € 7 / participant (underage children do not pay).

The exits take place in the morning.

The meeting point will be announced at the time of booking.


345 357 0722


Dr. Giulia Vicenzi

Since 2007 she has been teaching Italian L2 and English in secondary schools. She has collaborated with CESTIM, Tante Tinte in Rete, Energie Sociali, Cooperative Agire of Legnago (VR), Province of Verona and Veneto Region (CTP) in the organization of linguistic and intercultural laboratories and training interventions for primary and secondary teachers. She has collaborated with some publishers.


Architect Federica Provoli

Since 2007 she has been a freelance architect and a teacher in secondary schools. On behalf of the IUAV University of Venice she has collaborated in the organization of several workshops and conferences in Croatia for students on the topic of Strategic Environmental Assessment.

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