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We are teachers specialized in teaching Italian L2. Ours is an approach of communication with humanistic-affective activities, which take into account the needs and motivations of the student.

Since anxiety and stress block the learning process, we believe that a relaxed, fun and engaging environment favours the process of linguistic assimilation: during the lessons we use educational games, simulations, role play and communication activities to stimulate the use of the Italian language.

The student is central for us. In addition to updated textbooks, we also create tailor-made materials, with the aim of meeting the needs of each individual learner. This method helps to consolidate the acquired knowledge, review the forgotten topics and allows a gradual and continuous improvement.

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The COMMUNICATIVE APPROACH is the basis of numerous methods and today is the approach in the teaching of foreign languages. The aim of teaching a foreign language is not the student's achievement of simple linguistic competence (the set of grammatical rules, the expression of a verbal language), but the achievement of the much more complex and articulated communicative competence in for example phonics, vocabulary and understanding varieties, styles and exceptions. A foreign language can in fact be used only if the culture of the foreign country where it is spoken is known: language and culture are therefore closely linked.

HUMANISTIC-AFFECTIVE APPROACHES include a series of methods that share an interest in all aspects of human personality, not just the cognitive ones, but also affective and physical ones. In fact, each person has a favourite channel to experience the world and learn, a channel that must be identified and exploited also for language teaching. The latter must also involve all the senses of the person, to activate the largest number of brain areas and put them to serve learning.

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